Handicap International(HI)is active in Viet Nam since 1989. The organization’s vision is one of a world in which all forms of disabilities can be prevented, cared for or integrated, and in which the rights of people with disabilities are respected and applied.

Despite an increased awareness in Vietnam of the impact of brain lesions on the quality of life of persons with disabilities, there remain serious gaps in service provision and unmet individual needs. Based on the recently drafted National Action Plan For rehabilitation of the MOH, HI implements, with the support of USAID, a project of 5 years aiming to provide higher quality of life of Vietnamese persons with disabilities through improved rehabilitation and medical care management through the 1/ development of reference protocols , 2/ Capacity building for active professionals (health, rehabilitation, social) and the promotion of the 3/ Access to comprehensive approach and quality services to people with disabilities.The main activities will take place in Hanoi, Thai Binh, Hue, Ho Chi Minh and Dong Nai and the main stakeholders are provincial rehabilitation/ district hospitals, rehabilitation departments and universities.

We are currently seeking a qualified and motivated personto fill the position of


Position type: Full time, 1 year contract and renewable.

Location: Based in Dong Nai while at least 30% of his/her time will be devoted to field trips.

Interfacing: The Project Manager reports to and is supervised by the Operational Coordinator (OC).

Job Summary:

The post holder will be based in Dong Nai office, be the direct manager of the Project Officers (POs)and work in close collaboration with the Operational Coordinator (OC), the Support Services Coordinator(SSC) and the Country Project Manager(CPM).

His/her key responsibilities are to guarantee and enhance the quality outcomes of all Handicap International projects in Vietnam, through project cycle management strategy, ensure adherence to project implementation plans, human resource management and support the project proposal development process.

The Country Project Manager and the Operational Coordinator is delegating the operational responsibility of project’s coordination, in regard of 2 pillars: operational and human resource.

The post will support the implementation of HI’s 2015-2020strategy in Vietnam, by:

·         Designing and implementing quality project cycle management standards and tools at project level.

·         Following up donor reporting, project proposal methodology and submission of proposals to donors.

·         Ensuring appropriate Individual Progress Plan and annual assessment of Project Officers and establishing training programs for HI staff and partners,


1.     Project Management

·         With POs, OC and CPM and in collaboration with the partners identify and design the project and the strategy of implementation. Propose partner contracts and procedures needed for the project implementation;

·         With CPM and TA, determine the methodology to be used in the project;

·         Plan the different stages and tasks involved in realising the project and draw up the pluri-annual as well as annual project action plan, M&E plan and budget;

·         Direct the implementation of the project and project monitoring procedures after validation by the OC;

·         Write the reports related to the project;

·         Co-ordinate with all internal and external interfaces;

·         Communicate on the project activities with all of the partners;

·         With CPM & OC prepare the evaluation phase and implement any recommendations resulting from the evaluations carried out;

·         With CPM & OC provide all information necessary for and participate in the process of drawing up the pluri-annual strategy for the sector.

2.     Project financial, logistical and material resources Management in close coordination with SSC

·         In charge of project financial resources management in accordance with the budget frame set up by SSC and guidelines of public donors concerned

o    Draw pluri-annual and annual budgets of the project

o    Make decisions on budget expenditures

o    Assure a good follow-up of the budget (private funding and public donors)

o    Analyse variations, anticipate evolution and propose budget adjustment

·         Manage logistics and materials resources in compliance with Handicap International internal regulations

3.     Project team Management 

·         Draw up the job profiles and validate recruitment of project staff and short term consultant

·         Draw up individual action plans for each team member

·         If necessary, and with the support of the TC, train the team in any methods, approaches or technical aspects useful to the implementation of the project

·         Assess team members on the basis of the IAP

·         Plan, prepare and chair regular team meetings

·         Assure effective communication within the team

4.     Assure the project technical framework in close collaboration with OC, CPM and TA

·         Supervise the technical framework established according to the project’s strategy

·         Direct the project quality approach in terms of realisation and impact. Identify any documentary resources or additional skills for guaranteeing the quality of the project

·         Collect and formalise the tools and methods developed within the project framework

5.     Represent the association

·         Represent and defend project policy at national and international level (seminars in the country, region), and with funding bodies.

·         Advocate at national level for new national policies related to project implementation in Vietnam

·         Communicate with mass media for publicity of HI image

·         Create links between the project in Vietnam and other HI rehabilitation projects, particularly in the region

·         Establish relationships and meetings with other organizations and stakeholders

6.     Contribute towards the capitalization of experience

·         For capitalising on the program experience in rehabilitation, in close collaboration with OC & CPM

o    Identify which issues or subject areas should be capitalised on,

o    Define a capitalisation method with the OC, CPM and TA

o    Collect the necessary data using criteria and indicators

o    Participate in analysing the data

·         Communicate the result to the project partners

7.     General term:

Apart from the specific terms stipulated above, with his/her common sense the employee will be willing to take on other tasks within his/her capacities in the event of emergency.

Advocate to public and private, national and international organizations and agencies to promote inclusion of disability issues

Selection Criteria and Qualifications

Essential Desired

Bachelor degree


Minimum 5-years practical experience indevelopment project management and working within INGO in Vietnamese context.

Experience of working with a multi-cultural teams

Experience of managing a projectteam
Competencies: Team building

Project cycle management

Monitoring and evaluation

Knowledge management

Organizational and coordination skills

Liaising and partnership with multiple stakeholders

Capacity building

Creative and innovative

Ability to prioritize and deal effectively with a high work load

Policy and strategy development process


Financial management

Personal qualities: Ability to work independently and as a member of a team

High level of diplomacy

Listening skills

Practical problem solving

Culturally sensitive

Ability to learn from others

Ability to be objective, to step back where necessary and to take a long term view

Ability to critically examine the pros and cons of situations

Lateral thinking

Ability to deal with and withstand stressful working conditions


Applications should include:

–  A resume/curriculum vitae (no more than 3 pages) summarizing qualifications and experience;

–  An application letter (no more than two pages);

–  3 work referees and contact details.

Please indicate your expectation for remuneration/salary in your application

Submit applications by October 23rd 2015