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Handicap International(HI)is active in Viet Nam since 1989. The organization’s vision is one of a world in which all forms of disabilities can be prevented, cared for or integrated, and in which the rights of people with disabilities are respected and applied.


Despite an increased awareness in Vietnam of the impact of brain lesions on the quality of life of persons with disabilities, there remain serious gaps in service provision and unmet individual needs. Based on the recently drafted National Action Plan For rehabilitation of the MOH, HI implements, with the support of USAID, a project of 5 years aiming to provide higher quality of life of Vietnamese persons with disabilities through improved rehabilitation and medical care management through the 1/ development of reference protocols , 2/ Capacity building for active professionals (health, rehabilitation, social) and the promotion of the 3/ Access to comprehensive approach and quality services to people with disabilities.The main activities will take place in Hanoi, Thai Binh, Hue, Ho Chi Minh and Dong Nai and the main stakeholders are provincial rehabilitation/ district hospitals, rehabilitation departments and universities.


We are currently seeking a qualified and motivated personto fill the position of


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PROJECT OFFICER 1(3 positions)


Position type: Full time, 1 year contract and renewable.

Location: Based in project site (01 position based in Thai Binh province, 01 position based in Hue province and 01 position based in Dong Nai province) while at least 50% of his/her time will be devoted to field trips.

Interfacing: The Project Officer 1 reports to and is supervised by the Project Manager (PM).

Job Summary:

His/her responsibilities at a certain period will be determined by his/her Individual Action Plan of that period which covers the below tasks:


1.  In charge of project implementation

·    Support in all aspects of project delivery to achieve agreed project indicators

·    Organise seminars, conferences and trainings if required (Inform letters, Visa, Ticket, venue, etc. for participants)

·    Get feedback from beneficiaries on project activities

·    Direct successful stories directory and write successful stories for external communications

·    Represent the project and HI at community level

·    Sensitize and mobilize local partners, authorities, professionals and community about rehabilitation issues

·    Be responsible for taking pictures of all events

·    Track the completion of activities defined in the Project Action Plan and give suggestions for planned interventions

·    Regularly report to the Project Manager on all tasks completed and in process

·    Assist the Project Manager to follow up the activities

·    Be responsible for the implementation of the goals determined in his/her personal IAP and of the stakes in the Job Profile


2.  Manage the cash flow & ensure that the accounts are kept in good order

·     Manage safes, cash boxes and banks in adherence to the commitment of expenditure processes and procedures (invoice settlement, registration of upkeep, monitoring of advances, cash box inventories, etc…)

·     Daily update of the cash box and bank box that should show the balance at any given moment as mandatory requirement by HI

·     Ensure continued availability of money for the project operations by initiating the preparation of monthly cash request, and asking for monthly money transfer.

·     Conduct monthly physical count of cash box with the Project Manager.

·     Reviewing all requests for payment by the project staff in coordination with the Project Manager. Ensuring that requests for payments are valid, legal, comply with HI/Donors requirements, expenses coded and payment vouchers have been validated as per validation procedure.

·     Maintenance of good financial management procedures and give relevant security advice concerning financial matter.

·     Prepare all payment vouchers thoroughly and correctly according to expenses category based on the chart of accounts. Verification of payment vouchers on a weekly basis to ensure that they are in order, support documents are completed and photocopied in preparation of the monthly accounting report;

·     Ensure that all accounting transactions and practices adhere to HI/Donor policies and procedures; assuring the validity of expenses according to the commitment of expenditure processes and procedures. Ensuring the proper charging of activities/services to respective sources or project funding;

·     Finalize all accounting transactions ensuring appropriate documentations and approvals are obtained. Record in the cash/bank books;

·     Enter all the accounting transactions of the project within the Navision accounting program

·     Responsible for organizing the project monthly accounting report to be submitted to Hanoi Office

·     Responsible for sending all monthly complete original accounting reports and documents to Hanoi office and making sure that a complete set copy of the report/documents will be retained and maintained a proper filling for the project and easily accessible in case of audit by both HI for internal control and Donors.


3.  In charge of all administration tasks at the project office


·     Receive phone calls and intervene as appropriate

·     Supervise a correspondence system with reference structure

·     Manage office correspondence and communication (post mail, email, internet) and prepare / type documents, letters. Update the list of contacts regularly.

·     Classify documents according to the filing system and update office library / reference materials


·     Make appointments and meetings arrangement with partners.

·     Identify and inform about the project travel plan

·     Arrange the transportation means of travel and accommodation for project staff

·     Support visitors in arranging transportations, tickets, accommodation and introduce letters to Vietnam authorities if required

·     Supervise optimal maintenance of the vehicles


·     Ensure the use of an Equipment Monitoring Chart (EMC) and the quality of the data it contains, the localisation of fixed assets. Update the Equipment Monitoring Chart (EMC) when there is any change and report to the Admin and Logistic Officer in Hanoi

·     Supervise the management of office and project inventory

·     Supervise the installation, maintenance, monitoring and traceability of equipment (computer, power-supply, communication, etc.)

Office building

·     Indentify potential premises for rent. Supervise the management of the fitting out, servicing and maintenance of the premises.

·     Supervise the necessary security systems are in place for the premises (locks, guards, etc.)

·     Supervise the maintenance of working stations and office space (library, public area, store room…)

·     Manage contracts: office and house insurance, office and house lease contracts, internet and phone contracts


·     Be a focal point for any safety issues

·     Report any safety issues directly to Project Manager or Support Services Coordinator

·     Ensure the permanent availability and update of security equipment (first aid kit, extinguisher…) for all buildings


·     Monitor deductions of annual leaves and other absences

·     Use administrative forms properly (leave, insurance claim, etc…)

·     Arrange for translating all project documents when necessary.

·     Be a translator, note taker for all the project meetings.

·     Supervise cleaning service provider

·     Co-validate disciplinary procedures with the support services coordinator


4.  Carrying out efficient management of the purchasing procedure

·     Implement procurement procedures in line with internal and donor regulations

·     Draw project procurement plan

·     Analyse the local market and update the local supplier database corresponding to HI needs and criteria (quality, price, service, ethics, etc…)

·     Organise the different stages in the local purchases of goods and services (market surveys, ordering, monitoring, receipt, conformity checks)

·     Prepare all contracts from Project Site before sending to SSC and Country Director for signature.

·     Prepare monthly purchase service monitoring tool and the purchase files for project office and sending the reports to Support Office Hanoi;


5.  General term

·     Apart from the specific terms stipulated above, with his/her common sense the employee will be willing to take on other tasks within his/her capacities in the event of emergency.

·     Advocate to public and private, national and international organizations and agencies to promote inclusion of disability issues



Selection Criteria and Qualifications





Diploma(s) : University


Experience Minimum 2-years practical experience with a national/international development organization  
Competencies (knowledge, capacities required) Excellent participatory facilitation

Fluency in writing and speaking in English

Strong computer skills

Strong communication skills

Advanced computer skills in Word and Excel and PowerPoint

Information processing

Experience in coordination

Experience with accounting and administration responsibilities is prior

Knowledge and experience in facilitating the meetings or workshops

Time Management skills

Ability to work independently, exercise judgment, meet deadlines and work under pressure

Sensitive to needs of marginalized population and people with disabilities;



Personal qualities : Planning, organizing and coordinating skills with the ability to plan team’s work, prioritize tasks and to work efficiently under time pressure.

Analytical skills

Relational skills: working in/with a team


Adaptability – Apprenticeship

Initiative – Anticipation – Proactive attitude






































Applications should include:


–  A resume/curriculum vitae (no more than 3 pages) summarizing qualifications and experience;

–  An application letter (no more than two pages);

–  3 work referees and contact details.


Please indicate your expectation for remuneration/salary in your application