Support Office Hanoi– Administration and Logistics Officer

Mô tả công việc

Support Office Hanoi– Administration and Logistics OfficerMission:


S/he will be responsible for the logistics, administrative, daily HR tasks at Hanoi Support Office. Assigned to perform day to day support and to supervise the logistics and administrative to the project offices, if any,  S/he will have to assure the project adhere to Handicap International/Donor policies and procedures.


Yêu cầu công việc

Main internal interfaces


  1. Support Services Coordinator
  2. Finances Coordinator
  3. Project Team Members


Main external interfaces

  1. Suppliers
  2. Local authorities
  3. Partner organisations


1. In charge of all administration tasks at the Support Office


·      Receive phone calls and intervene as appropriate

·      Transmit all messages received

·      Supervising a correspondence system with reference structure

·      Manage office correspondence and communication (post mail, email, internet) and prepare / type documents, letters

·      Update the list of contacts regularly.

·      Classify documents according to the filing system and upkeep office library / reference materials

Travel arrangement

·      Appointments and meetings arrangement for SO team.

·      Identification and information about the SO travel plan

·      Arrange the transportation means of travel and accommodation of SO staff

·      Support visitors in arrangement transportations, ticket, accommodation and introduce letters to Vietnam authorities if required

·      Supervising optimal maintenance of the vehicles.

Equipment management

·      Ensuring the use of an Equipment Monitoring Chart (EMC) and the quality of the data it contains, the localisation of fixed assets, update the Equipment Monitoring Chart (EMC) when there is any change and report to the SSC

·      Consolidation of the equipment management: inventories, identification with numbers of each item of equipment, create individual form by equipment, etc…

·      Removing and destroying out-dated material after confirmation by the Program Director or SSC

·      Supervising the management of office and project inventory

·      Ensuring application of equipment management procedures and written certification of each withdrawal of equipment from stock

·       Supervising the installation, maintenance, monitoring and traceability of equipment (computer, power-supply, communication, etc.)

House renting

·      Supervision of seeking and identifying potential premises for rent, Supervision of the management of the fitting out, servicing and maintenance of the premises.

·      Supervision of the necessary security systems are in place for the premises (locks, guards, etc.)

·      Supervising the maintenance of working stations and office space (library, public area, store room…)

·      Managing contracts: office and house insurance, office and house lease contracts, internet and phone contracts



·      Being a focal point for any safety issues

·      Report any safety issues directly to Program Director or Support Services Coordinator

·      Provide and update when needed the constant companion (security card) for each staff

·      Ensure the permanent availability and update of security equipment (first aid kit, extinguisher…) for all buildings and cars

·      Ensure renewal of all HI insurances

Managing the admin team at Hanoi Support Office

·      Supervising house keeper at expatriate house and support office

·      Managing direct requests from it team (working time…)

·      Co-validating disciplinary procedures with the support services coordinator


Other admin tasks

·      Use administrative forms properly (leave, insurance claim, etc…)

·      Arrange for translating all documents when necessary.

Prepare documents for changing/revising organization’ licenses

2. Carrying out efficient management of the supply chain

·      Implementation of procurement procedures on the SO in line with internal and donor regulations;

·      Support to the project team in drawing of Procurement plan;

·       Analysis of the local market and update of the local supplier database corresponding to HI needs and criteria (quality, price, service, ethics, etc…);

·      Organisation of the different stages in the local purchases of goods and services (market surveys, ordering, monitoring, receipt, conformity checks);

Preparation of monthly purchase service monitoring tool and the purchase files for field office and sending the reports to SSC;

3. Support project sitesin the organization and coordination of logistic for meetings, conferences and trainings.

·      Checking all contracts from Project Site before sending to SSC and Country Director for sign.

·      Give consultation to the Project Service Officer/ Project Officers in term of admin and logistic for implementation of project activities (give comments on cost estimation etc…).

·      Supervision of the organisation of seminars, conferences and trainings if required (Inform letters, Visa, Ticket, venue etc..for participants)


4. Administration tasks relate Human resources Management

·      Assist staff for unemployment insurance, maternity leave & sick leave claim from insurance department

·      Assist staff to register with Hanoi Insurance department

·      Maintenance of a copy of staffs register or any other legally required records

·      Monitoring of deductions of annual leaves and other absences and clearance of salary payment

·      Monitoring leaves of expatriates and informed heads offices;

·      Managing the preparation and follow up of expatriate work permit and visa applications

·      Inform the personnel administration department at head office of expatriate rental sums and salary advances

·      Check of the attendance based on the timesheet and leave forms at all project sites

·      Participating to the training policy implementation (collecting TNA, facilitating the organization of training committee…)

·      Monitoring the training plan (collecting training evaluation form, certificate of training completion…)

·      Updating the training database (gathering training opportunities…)


Specific missions: In addition, the Administration and Logistics Officer can be asked to undertake any other duty requested by the Support Services Coordinator


Knowledge required


1.     Bachelor degree

2.     2 years relevant professional experience,

3.     2 years’ experience working within INGO in Vietnam context

4.     Fluent in English language


Skills required


1.     Information processing and organization

2.     Implication

3.     Anticipation and reactivity

4.     Initiative

5.     Adaptation

6.     Oral and written expression

7.     Team work

8.     Persuasion


1.     Management

2.     Pedagogy